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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Glow in the Dark Jars

Finished project! Spunky just had to pose with them and honestly it was a good thing. This was one of the only photos I got that was in focus!

Glow Sticks
Safety Goggles (this is optional)
Plastic gloves (this is optional)
Any old glass jar you have lying around the house. We reuse our old Spaghetti sauce jars for glasses so we just used a few of those we had in the cabinet.

**This project is NOT to be done by children, there are chemicals and glass inside the Glow Sticks!**

You simply break the glow stick and shake as you normally would to activate it. Then place one end in the jar and cut off the tip. Shake the glow stick around and gently tap on the side of the jar until all the contents spill out.

Once you have emptied the glow sticks you want to try and get as much glass out of the jar as possible. So hold the jar upside down over your trash can, gently shake and tap on the side to loosen the glass. I had a hard time getting the glass to loosen and after while just dealt with the extra pieces.

Swirl the glow in the dark liquid around the sides of the jar and watch it glow!!

I want to give special thanks to Intimate Weddings! I found this DIY project on Pinterest which lead me to their original idea! If you are planning a wedding they have an awesome site, go check it out! :)