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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today is Sunday obviously and man my head is spinning. We have had all four kiddos this weekend and of course it rained all day yesterday and most of this morning so keeping them occupied has been well a chore. As much as I love all of them I am wanting to run away!

So far today I have....

done four loads of laundry and counting (I am SO far behind),
folded the towels and put them away,
watered the plants and put them in the sun,
helped Sam do all her makeup work from last Thursday and Friday and since I have to write everything for her it was well interesting,
made lunch for the kiddos,
cleaned up the backyard with the kids,
helped Spunky make her teacher a birthday card and do her reading,
cleaned the upstairs/kids bathroom YUCK!,
painted toenails and fingernails with the girls while the boys were at the grocery store,
made the grocery list for the boys to take to the grocery store,
helped the kids pick out clothes for school tomorrow,
edited a few posts or am trying to for friends :)

and by the end of the day I am sure I will do many more things I would rather not do. lol

I leave you with this thought:

Live, Laugh, Love!:)