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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

This morning I woke up a little late, took a shower and then came downstairs to start my day pretty much my normal routine. You see I am spoiled and my hubby takes the kids to school while I sleep in most mornings. I sat down at the computer, turned it on and thought "Hummm I wonder if anyone has called today?" So I spun around in my chair to get my cell phone and the home phone to see if anything was going on. Noticed I had a voice mail so of course I had to check it and while listening to the school nurse tell me that Princess had fallen at the playground my home phone rang.

It was of course the school nurse who was trying her best to contact someone (she had just called my mom also), letting me know I needed to come get her and that her arms might be broken...................AGAIN! You see she broke both her wrists at school on the playground back in April of 2006 so we are no stranger's to this injury. Jeremy just happened to be home so I ran back upstairs and yelled "They think Sam's broken her wrists again we need to go get her NOW!" He jumped up with a "What!" and I think we were out the door in 5 minutes flat!

We picked her up and took her to the ER right away! Once we got there it did not take all that long for them to get us back into a room, maybe 45mins which here is fast! After we were put in our own room the doctor came in, checked her out and of course asked her what happened.
This is what she says happened:
"I was on the monkey bars and an ant bit my hand by my thumb (TX = fire ants), it hurt so I let go of the bar and my body twisted as I fell. I hit the ground with my head and hands, I tried to catch myself or land on my feet, I really did."

Hanging out waiting for the xrays to be done.
The xrays let me tell you were horrible for me so I cannot even being to imagine how awful it was for her to go through. The lady was quick and gentle as she could be, but the positions they had to put her arms in were just NOT COOL! It hurt her so badly for them to be put in those positions!

After the xrays :(
We had already asked for Tylenol when we were placed in the room, but of course none had been given to her before the xrays........ So after the xrays were done and she was in so much pain I went out and asked again for some Tylenol. Ten minutes went by and I again went out to the nurses desk to ask for some Tylenol for my hurting child, but this time I was not nice about it and made sure everyone heard me! Damn I mean you would not think that you would have to go through so much to get a kid with broken wrists some pain management!!!!! We found out about an hour later that indeed her wrists were broken.

A visit from her aunties (my two little sisters)
She had thank god missed the growth plates again like she did the first time she broke her wrists. She totally broke her left wrist and buckle fractured her right. She will be hopefully seeing a Orthopedic specialist by Friday if all goes well with the insurance and we will go from there. I feel so badly for her that she has had to go through this now not only once, but twice and it makes me really nervous for her to play on the playground sadly enough. She is feeling much better now and finally upstairs asleep, in the spare bed since she sleeps on the top bunk.

Getting her slings on so we can go home!

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  1. oh my word. How awful is that? TWICE? eeekkkkkk. Poor little honey. How long does she have to have them casted?