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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tell Me Thursday

Last week I received a comment on my WW post about a new meme called Tell Me Thursday. I decided to check it out and I came across the coolest idea for a meme. It's all about telling the back story to your WW post. So if you are like me and always feel compelled to tell a story about the photo you post on WW, you now have the opportunity to do so!! :)

This week's WW photo is of all four of our kiddos! We went to the Dino Dig this weekend and had a blast as usual. We try to go as often as possible and the kids are always just as excited as they were the time before. Which is part of why I love to take them so much! :)

Sunday when we were there we discovered a hidden bench that we had never noticed before, off in a wooded area of the park. We of course had to go check it out and discover something new! That is when we found the awesome log in the photos and had lots of fun posing and jumping off of it! lol

If you would like to join in the fun and tell the back story to your Wordless Wednesday post or just to read the stories behind others photos please visit Tell Me Thursday!


  1. Great story! I went back to see the photos and it looks like they loved every minute of it!

  2. Thanks for joining us this week. We enjoyed your photos and story. We look forward to more from you!

  3. So fun! Sounds like you all had a great time!