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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sports, video games and everything in between!

Today has been a great day! First off, we had T-man this weekend and that means we have all four kids! YAY! We got our taxes back so that, of course, makes everything better right? Oh oh oh and I finally got my new phone and I am sooo beyond excited! :)

We were not able to attend Princess's Volleyball Workshop at UT this morning. Thanks to some awesome friends she got there on time and had a blast! We haven't developed the pictures (disposable camera) yet, but when we do you "know" I will post them.

Here is the picture I "forced" her to take before she left this morning.

T-man had his first T-ball game of the season. The whole family, minus Princess (since she had the Volleyball thingy) attended. This is one of those times I wish we were a two car family. :(

T-man in all his glory! Go Sand Gnats! :)

He was adorable as always. He tried his best and while he may not have hit the ball, we were very proud of him.

He got to play catcher for the first time and was very excited about it!

The other two hoodlums, Spunky and Cameron, doing what they do best. Trying to pretend to get along...

Spunky and I at the game. :)

After the game the boys bought a PS3, which they immediately brought home to hook up to the 40' LCD HD flat screen we received for Christmas! Thanks Mom and Dad!! They thought they were going to get to play before we went to dinner at Chuy's, but they were sadly mistaken! lol

Of course an evening out would not be complete in our family if there were not a mishap or four... While eating dinner Jeremy (dad, for those of you who don't know) proceeded to throw an ice cube at Princess.... To which she, OF COURSE, threw it right back at him. The problem you may ask? Well, she almost hit the lady sitting in the booth next to us. We had to apologize, thankfully, she was very nice!

The look Princess gave Jeremy when he threw the ice at her! LMAO! :)

All four kiddos! :)

All in all it was an awesome day! Best part was being able to hang out with our whole family and have a bit of fun time! I am so very thankful for everything I have! :)