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Sunday, December 12, 2010

See.. leftovers can be yummy!!

Today has been a decent day so far minus a bit of drama at the beginning.. which is honestly annoying, but anyways. I have put out about 15 job applications, swept and mopped the house AND even did some dishes all before noon...on a Sunday!! Will wonders never cease. lol

I realized after I was done that my tummy was rumbling, I never seem to eat when I should. lol So I decided to find something worth eating and use up some of the leftovers in the fridge at the same time. While searching through the fridge I found the rest of the Green Chile Fried Potatoes we had for Brinner yesterday, they were the BOMB!!

All three kiddos loved the potatoes and came back for more. This almost never happens so when it does I have to smile and thank god for it!! I also found a tiny bit of leftover Enchilada sauce and some salad from Grandma's garden which is always really yummy!

I decided to do a bit of wilted salad using the leftover grease from the breakfast pan. I added a tiny bit of Olive oil, kosher salt, pepper and cooked the greens for about 2 minutes. While they were cooking, I nuked the leftover potatoes and sauce. Then threw it altogether for an awesome lunch! I hope you are having a nice lazy Sunday! Love you all! :)
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