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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins

This is Friday Fill-Ins! I post a question and you fill in the blank!

1. I wish I had a job and a home! That's all I want for Christmas!

2. Will someone please hire me...that's what I'm thinking.

3. Please bring a positive attitude and donuts!! :)

4. My friends and family are so amazing.

5. One of my fondest hopes is that things will get back on track and this will all seem like a dream!

6. I am so thankful and I love you all so very much. I just wanted to say thank you.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching Ramona and Beezus w/my gorgeous girls, tomorrow my plans include taking Spunky to her BFF's for a sleepover and finally getting Princesses hands done for the Thankful Tree and Sunday, I want to hopefully get the Christmas photo done!!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Hope you have a great weekend and that things start looking up for you soon!

  2. Happy FF! Good luck on the job hunt!

  3. Hope that 2011 'shines' for you! Until then, know that you have THE most important job in the world!... being a mother.
    {besides. being a SAHM just gives you more blog fodder :-)