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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Green Chile Fried Potatoes

Ok so I am beginning to wonder, maybe it's my cooking that is partially to blame.... We try to cook from scratch as much as possible and with every new recipe it gets even better. I have noticed though that my last few meals have been totally carb and comfort food related!

This is obviously my issue since I do the cooking, but I just did not realize how much I base everything around carbs... I will be meal planning this weekend and I am going to be much more aware of what I put on the menu!! I am very very lucky all my kids like most vegetables and if they help me cook it they are much more likely to like it, so that should make it easier to change things up a bit.

For now though here is the awesome meal I made for lunch/dinner today!! :)

8 potatoes
Dash Cumin
Dash Cumino
Half a white onion
2 fresh garlic cloves
Salt & pepper to taste
Olive oil approx 3 Tbsp
1lb ground beef (unseasoned)
Approx 1/2 cup fresh cilantro
3 Hatch New Mexico Green Chiles

Cook ground beef in a separate pan and place aside. Place half the olive oil in the bottom of the pan add potatoes, cumin, garlic, cumino, salt, pepper, onion, cilantro and cook about 20 mins. Add the remaining oil if you would like, I only used more because of how much the potatoes were sticking. Then add the chiles, ground beef and cook until the potatoes are done. Serve alone or with salsa, tortillas and cheese.