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Friday, December 10, 2010

The follow up appointment and goings on with the boy's health issues

At last week's first appoint for Cameron we went to see the doctor for his back to see if we could figure out why he is in so much pain. After some x-rays and a few other tests we determined that he has a slight case of Scoliosis. At 18 degrees they would consider bracing his back, he is at 10 degrees so for now we are going to keep reevaluating the curvature every 6 months. The doctor did say that this is common for boys his age that are growing so fast. He has grown almost 4 inches in the past month!!!

We are making a few changes in the way he supports his back to see if that helps with his pain. No more doing his homework laying on the bed, less time spent sitting on the SOFT couch and his horrible posture is being fixed as I type this... He is allergic to Ibuprofen so he cannot take Advil for his pain which is what the doctor recommends and Tylenol is not doing much it either, so we are trying Aleve at the moment. It seem to be helping so far. We also set up a referral for the Orthopedic specialist to see what else we can do to help with his pain!

So on to today's Dr's appoint which was the follow up to the blood tests he had done Friday, after fasting. Which and let me tell you for the small amount of time he had to fast for was a huge PITA!!! This child is all about food! Which makes the rest of this all the harder.

We went over the blood tests with the doctor, blood sugar....fine, cholesterol...fine, markers for diabetes(which runs in his dad's family) are a bit high. Normal is 5.6 and below, he is at 5.8. Now this does not mean he has diabetes just that he has a predisposition for it and we need to make changes now to ensure he is on the right track to NOT getting it.

Cameron is NOT a happy camper about cutting out sugar and working on portion control. We were already working hard on exercise(cannot at the moment with his back pain per doctor's orders) and portion control, but I had not really even started on the sugar issue. This of course will kick my ass into gear!

I have questions and need help though, he is such an eater and always has been that this is almost making his overeating issue worse. He is now even more focused on food if that is even possible.... How do I help him change his view of food and the reason for eating? I struggle with this myself so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

and another thing...if you read this whole post you are awesome! Thanks for being such a great friend!!

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  1. I have been cutting a lot of sugar out of my own diet by doing my own baking. Generally speaking I have found you can cut the amount of sugar in half in sweet recipes and still have it taste great. Then you can still have a treat, but a much healthier one! I wish you guys the best on this journey. xoxo