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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chester :)

Our beautiful Max!
I don't know if any of you remember, but in January we lost our beloved Max to an accident and it has of course left a void in our hearts. I started thinking about getting another baby in May because it just seemed like the right time to add another kitty to the family. We had gotten rid of the fish and snake before moving to the apt, so we were down to one animal for several months which is quite odd for us. It's been awhile since I have blogged so I will fill you guys in, on that in another post... So I started talking to Jeremy about the idea of getting another kitten to play with the kids this summer and keep Mouse company etc.

On the 16th of July I emailed back and forth with a family with four kittens. I found them on craigslist a few days previous and finally decided I did not want to wait anymore so I made the decision to go pick one up! Jeremy was not very happy with me, but I knew he would get over it once he saw the kitty! Princess and I went to go pick a kitten out, they were all so freaking cute and it was hard to pick just one. We finally settled on the biggest one they had and whose coloring was also a bit different than the others cause we love the odd man out! ;)

My gorgeous niece Bella! ;)
We got Chester the same weekend we babysat my sister Emily's puppy Bella for the first time. We kept her all weekend and poor Mouse was NOT happy about now having a new kitten in the house, but now there is a dog here too! Honestly I think Mouse was less irritated by Bella than by Chester! lol She is very very territorial! The weekend was pretty hectic to say the least. Chester only got rolled four times or so by Mouse and Bella escaped injury all weekend so I think that's awesome! LOL!

So let me introduce the newest addition to our family, Chester!! :)and here he is in action right before he knocked over my soda can! lol

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