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Thursday, July 29, 2010

My carpets are covered in Salt!

Yes you read that right... My carpets are indeed covered in table salt and have been most of today. Why do you ask are my carpets covered in salt? Well that is because since getting the kitten we now have a flea problem! This is the first time we have had a flea issue so I was at odds as to what to do since money is tight like it is for everyone right now. After asking friends and consulting Google, I decided to use some home remedies first.

So today I decided to use the salt first and see what happens since we have that on hand and it is the easiest. Around 4pm I lightly coated the carpets with the salt as evenly as possible, planning to vacuum it up a few hours later. Then of course with Murphy's Law the vacuum cleaner belt broke and since we are broke(lol) we cannot get another... I am going to go borrow my mom's vacuum tomorrow so that we can see if walking on salt for 24hrs did us any good! I will for sure let you know nothing like cheap and effective!!