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Friday, July 30, 2010

At least our life is not boring

This afternoon we went swimming with my BFF Stacia and her kiddos at our old neighborhood pool. We had a really good time, despite the constant barrages of "Hold me mommy", "Watch this", "Can you help me fix my goggles" from the kiddos. lol

Stacia and I acting silly at the pool!
While we were at the pool I noticed that Princess had a few weird looking rash type spots on her back. Stacia and I figured it was just heat rash and I thought nothing more of it until we got home. At dinner time I noticed the rash had starting spreading to cover her back and chest which is odd so I decided to keep a close eye on it just in case.

The best picture of our brood minus T-Man and Cameron.
We had sprinkled the house with salt yesterday to kill the fleas, if you want to read more about that click here. So while the kids were eating dinner I was vacuuming all the carpets trying to get the salt out of everything.

Chester all tuckered out after vacuuming up the salt and reading Sassy magazine! lol
After dinner we watched a movie and then I realized I had not given her some Benadryl and her face was a bit puffy. I gave her the Benadryl about 9:30pm and by 11:00 the rash was still spreading now to her arms and she was telling me her throat felt weird! So off we rushed to the ER to get some steroids for this weird out of nowhere allergic reaction! Spunky actually told Princess while she was getting ready to leave "You are so lucky you get to go to the hospital I wanna go!!". LOL! Kids are so funny especially that one.

We arrived at the ER around 11:30 and thankfully it was pretty empty. Got signed in, vitals checked and played Tic Tac Toe with Princess for about 45mins before we actually got back to a "room". I want to say she is so sweet and easy to get along with sometimes it almost makes me forget how hormonal she has been lately.... Once in our "room" we messed around some more taking pictures of course and drawing pictures as well.

The doctor came on in and checked out her rash and asked her if it itched, which it had not at first, but was itchy now. He talked to me about changes in diet, changes in soap, detergent etc. I advised him she had been at camp for a week and got home on Monday. Since being home has used and eaten the same things she normally does, nothing new or different. He determined she was having a "generalized allergy attack" since we really don't know what caused the reaction.... which IMO is weird!!

She had her first dose of Prednisone(sp?) in the ER and they sent us home with a script for a weeks supply. Whew! I knew that was what was wrong, but I just find it so weird that she had an allergic reaction out of nowhere to nothing? Makes me wanna somehow wash everything and disinfect the whole house tomorrow! lol On the way home from the ER at 1:30am we stopped at McDonald's for hot fudge sundaes and french fries, it was awesome!