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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tonight we experienced our first loss of a family pet

I did not post this on the 8th....I think I am ready to post it now. :(

Jeremy picked me up from my new schedule at work and we headed home. As we were headed down our street and were fixing to pull into the driveway, in the headlights appeared a limp and fuzzy body. Jeremy stopped the car quickly as we both looked at each other in horror. I said "Oh no is that?" and turned my head as he jumped out screaming and grabbed her limp body. It was horrible and I stayed turned around consoling the children unable to turn and look back at what had happened. As soon as I realized he had picked her up, I moved over into the drivers seat to pull into the driveway of the house.

The car came to a stop and I jumped out screaming is she ok or has she passed? He was so distraught I am not sure what came out of his mouth, I got Spunky and T-Man inside closed the door and asked again. This time I understood through the crying that our beloved Max had passed and was no longer with us. Jeremy was so upset that I was unable to do much. Wolf, our friend was outside with Jeremy so I left him outside mourning so that I could go inside and help the children understand what had happened.

Max came to us a little over two years ago and she was such a blessing! So sweet and fuzzy she was my baby. Recently she started to let the kids pet her and be close to her, before she was a bit nervous about anyone other than Jeremy and I. I think the kids just moved to fast for her to be comfortable with them. We loved her so much and she will be missed more than I can even explain.

I know this post does not do her justice, but I wanted to express my sadness over losing her she was so sweet!