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Sunday, June 12, 2011

She is cured!!

Spunky all covered in Mayo with her head wrapped in a garbage bag. lol This was the second time around and she was not very happy about it!
After two treatments of Rid and two nights of being slathered in Mayo (the full fat kind) for 5 hrs each time, we have gotten rid of the lice!! WOOHOO! I have to tell you that this has been huge PITA and I hope to never have to do it again! Although since Spunky is in Elementary school for another two years, I am sure it is bound to pop up again.

If and when it does I can honestly say that Mayo will be my first course of action for several reasons. One being the cost, which for us was none since we always have a big jar in the fridge! Plus it really aided in removing the nits etc from her hair cause it helped them slip right out. I will however follow up with a Rid treatment like I did this time because it ensures that they have all been killed even the eggs.