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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our love story

While messing around on Twitter the other day I came across a neat idea posted by Tina at Life Without Pink called Project Marriage and immediately knew I had to join! You should join in too it's gonna be tons of fun you don't wanna miss!

(The high school gang way back in 2000 at my mom's wedding!)

So here is our story! :) I have been married once in this short life and "in love" several times, but I have only had one true love. I met Jeremy my Freshman year in high school and instantly knew this was someone that would be important in my life. We dated for awhile and he was "the one" who turned me from a girl to woman, if you know what I mean. So of course from that moment on he has held a special place in my heart.

(Us in 2005)

We remained friends throughout high school even though we moved forward with different romantic relationships, but always held the same social circles. We had a close group of friends that all hung out on a consistent basis so remained close through the years. As we grew into adults and I moved to New Mexico for several years and we lost touch, but every time I came back to Austin we would visit for at least a little while. It was easy to see that the chemistry never left us and during these visits it became harder and harder to ignore.

(This past September)

I watched him go through many relationships and wondered if he would ever find the right person. I had no idea at the time that person would be me. We had know each other and been such good friends for so long it was not something that crossed my mind. I had not even considered him as an option. He of course had his own issues medical etc as did I and things never did seem to fall into place.

(New Year 2010)

When I came back from New Mexico in 2004 as a free woman we met back up as friends and it was as if we had never parted. Things were complicated and difficult for both of us to say the least, but we made it work and I am so happy that we did! We love our blended family even with the trials and tribulations it comes with we would not trade it for anything!

I love him with all my heart, he is my soul mate, my one and only!!!
(and now)


  1. A case of when you're meant to be, you're meant to be no matter what. Sweet story. Thanks for sharing. #ProjectMarriage

  2. Wow isn't it crazy after so many years you can end up right where you started? Love this story and your history. Thank you so much for linking up with us! #projectmarriage

  3. Thanks Tina! It's amazing how much you can go through to end up right back where you belong! Although I would not have it any other way! :)

  4. Thanks Alison! He really is my soulmate and I am glad to have found him! :)