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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silly little bugs!

Spunky and a butterfly she caught over the summer, on one of our trips to Boggy Creek Farms. I love the expression on her face, it's priceless! :)
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Day 10-Something you're afraid of

Butterflies..... yes you read that right. I said Butterflies or really any creature be it insect, arachnid etc that swings, flies or comes anywhere near my face!!! It completely freaks me out! Funny thing is I have been struggling with this fear since I was a small child. Most kids have fun playing outside and may come in crying about fire ants(I grew up in Texas) or wasps, but me.. no, I came screaming into the house because there was a Butterfly outside by the swing set.... Pretty sad I know, but I still have issues with them.

The past few summers, I have tried to conquer my fear through photography. I love, I mean LOVE taking pictures! Since we frequent the Zilker Botanical Gardens here in Austin at least 4 times a month in the summer. I have used that opportunity to spend lots of time in the Butterfly garden they have set up. I sit really really still and let them come close up to me and instead of focusing on how close they are to me and how it freaks me out. I try to take a deep breath and focus on getting a really awesome close up shot of one. It has helped a bit, but I still need more practice.

Well I hope you had fun laughing at me, I know I did. lol Thanks for reading and have a great afternoon!! :)

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  1. Hey, I just stop by your facebook and decided to pop over here. Hope you're enjoying Spring fling.