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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life in general

So things have been beyond hectic here and while I continue to have a positive attitude some days are better than others... This being one of them thank goodness! :)

I had an awesome interview (I think) this morning, followed by a day full of chores, a walk with the kids before dinner and I even got a nap at the end of the day which is probably why I am up so late unable to go to bed. lol

This weekend was pure chaos, but sometimes I think my mind works better that way... I often wonder what will happen when they all grow up and move out.. We started Princesses project Saturday (it was due Tuesday) and we had it finished by Sunday night. She did an awesome job even though she forgot to tell me there was a size limit and hers was WAY bigger than it should have been. lol
Things are staring to look up even if it seems to be moving at a snails pace, life does not run according to our plans although that would be nice once and awhile. lol

The boy is finally passing all of his classes and he is doing really well in Chinese which I am very proud of to say the least. His attitude could use some work, but I am trying to attribute most of that to him being a hormonal 13 year old boy........ he is still very helpful as long as it is some sort of food related activity so I guess it could be worse.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, what are you planning to have for your feast? I will start planning for it in the next few days so look for a new post. :)