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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kids, movies and parenting choices..

you know there should honestly be a handbook for parenting or at least a test you have to pass..... Venting here of course, but gotta get something off my chest..... We (Jeremy and I) watched Kick Ass tonight and let me tell you it is NOT!!! a kid's movie, but my stepson's mother who needs her head reexamined took him to see it at the movie theater when it came out. He is 5yrs old btw and she also took the baby, why you ask cause she wanted to see it so why should she allow completely messing up her kids psyche to stop her... Why not get a babysitter you ask? Well in her words "this makes me the coolest mom ever!!"......

He has seen Kick Ass in the movie theater(I don't even wanna try to list all the not kid friendly movies), Gremlins at his Grandma's, watches Bones w/mom every week... He plays COD, Modern Warfare etc with his step-dad and they don't censor anything he watch or plays. I just worry about what it does to his psyche at 5yrs old to watch and play this kind of violent shit you know?

What I want to know is now that dad has seen the movie is he going to say anything to her about it? Well noooooo cause as he says "I bet he forgot it five minutes later"..... Is he really serious? Seriously imo that makes him as ignorant as her..... Sad really that I could not enjoy what a Kick Ass movie that was because the whole time I worried about that poor kid I love so very much!