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Monday, January 7, 2008

Give Me Five Monday

This week's topic for Give Me Five Monday is:

"Give Me Five hopes or goals you have for the new year! This one is very simple, no resolutions allowed though! I don't like them!!"

1. My biggest goal and hope for this year is too keep losing weight consistently throughout the year this is why I have added the ticker to the top of my page as embarrassing as it is!! Even if I do not lose pounds every week, to see a consistent pattern will be AWESOME!
2. My next goal is too try not to scream and yell so much when it comes to my kids! As much as I do not want to admit it my yelling has gotten out of control. I have got to figure out a way to get the children to listen to me without resorting to screaming! If you have any advice I welcome it all!
3. Another one of my goals this year is to make the right choices! I am not really able to elaborate more on this particular topic, but it is an important one none the less!

4. One of my hopes for this year is that my little family will be happy and healthy with no major dramas IE deaths, broken bones!! **crosses fingers**
5. Last but certainly not least I hope that I pass my GED test in two weeks with flying colors or at least the first time around!! Please send good thoughts and vibes my way I can use them! lol

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  1. I wish you the very very best with your test - I've got my fingers, arms, legs, and eyes crossed!

  2. I love how much time and thought you have put into this! And of course, I love that you added photos to go with them.

    Weight loss...yes, we all need prayers in that department!

    There are many ways to deal with kids without yelling on the first stroke. Just try to remember, they are used to it now, so they won't respond until you are at yelling. It is not only a process of you making a change, but you are going to have to sit them down for a 'family meeting' (no matter their ages) and let them know that things are changing. From now on....this is what I expect when I "say" this and this. Always no matter what, do what you say you are going to do. After a few times of getting in trouble for not listening, it will get easier for them. Kids always do better with solid discipline.

    I took my GED about 2 months before I would have graduated High School...thank God! I passed just fine and I'm sure you will too. Don't sweat it too much, you will make more mistakes if you are worried about making mistakes LOL :)
    Keep us informed, great GM5, thanks for playing along!!